Europe: Andorra

About Andorra

Long isolated and impoverished, mountainous Andorra has achieved considerable prosperity since World War II through its tourist industry. Many immigrants (legal and illegal) are attracted to the thriving economy with its lack of income taxes.

Vital Statistics
Capitol City: Andorra la Vella
Population: 67,627 (July 2001 est.)
Percent below poverty: NA%
Language: Catalan (official), French, Castilian
Date of independence: 1278 (was formed under the joint su
Form of government: parliamentary democracy (since Marc
Title of Leader: coprince (one each, French and Span
Natural Resources: hydropower, mineral water, timber, iron ore, lead
Environmental Issues: deforestation; overgrazing of mountain meadows contributes to soil erosion; air pollution; wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal
Agricultural Products: small quantities of tobacco, rye, wheat, barley, oats, vegetables; sheep
Imports: consumer goods, food, electricity
Exports: tobacco products, furniture
Trading Partners: IMPORTS: Spain 48%, France 35%, US 2.3% (1998)
Exports: France 34%, Spain 58% (1998)
EXPORTS: France 34%, Spain 58% (1998)


Andorra Headlines

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