About BlueWorld

BlueWorld is a geography web site devoted to providing information, statistics, maps, images, and headline news from all the countries of the world -- in an easy-to-use, browseable format. We find that the site is useful for students, researchers, and interested users alike. Through the pages of BlueWorld, we hope that people of all ages can gain a better understanding of our world, and the issues that drive it.

On BlueWorld, you can browse countries by region, viewing all the countries in a particular region such as Southeast Asia or Europe. Once you enter a region page, you can then view each country page individually. This way, you can get a feel for the issues that are of importance to people of certain regions and the interrelationships between countries and regions.

We hope to continue to develop the site, with additional features like weather, quality links, and country reports supplied by site visitors with knowledge of certain countries and regions. In time, we expect BlueWorld will be a comprehensive source of information for people interested in geography, geopolitics, and current events around the world.

BlueWorld is an independent education group dedicated to promoting greater knowledge and understanding between English-speaking people and the other peoples of the world.

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